The Next Stop, Memphis Tennesse

The next stop on our travels across the United States isn’t so much a small town but it has small town charms and deep history. With its many theaters and museums, Memphis should be a go to destination on any road trip in the future. Boasting a population of over 600,000 people Memphis is the second largest city in the state of Tennessee. Being next to the Mississippi river made Memphis a bustling hub of barter and commerce. Today eager Memphis natives and tourist alike can take a ferry to see the sights along the Mississippi river using a ferry boat.

Our Experience Waxing in Spring and The Woodlands

The most common waxing service to remove unwanted hair is a Brazilian wax treatment. This method often involves the use of a hard wax or a soft wax. However, soft wax is often a better method as using hard wax may not always achieve the best results. There are many types of applications for a customer that includes eyebrow wax, body wax, and male back wax.

hard waxing spring txHard Wax

The wax specialist at Pristine Body Studio says the application of hard wax requires a short period for “setting” or curing. This simply means the wax needs time to dry as it is applied in a liquid form. A smooth layer forms over the skin that is warm. The wax will then harden before it will be peeled off in a single motion. However, two or even three pulls are often needed based on the length of the wax.

The peeling aspect of the application is the part that concerns most people. One reason is an esthetician must peel up one side of the wax to have a hand-hold to pull. Many people claim that hard wax is more painful and more expensive than applying soft wax. This is often due to not being proficient in how the process needs to work and may make mistakes that are painful to the client. Wax can easily be added to a hairy area of the body. Hair not meant to be removed can easily be pulled out when lifting up on an edge for a hand-hold.

Another aspect to keep in mind about a Brazilian wax is the lip area can have hair that will be growing in different directions. This hair can also be really coarse, think in places, and be difficult to remove. A hard wax application often needs at least two applications to remove all the hair.

Usually, waxing in spring tx using hard wax will often be about 30 minutes, the process can be messy, and burns may easily occur. Sessions are often more frequent as hair grows back more quickly. The wax can also lead to irritation on light or sensitive skin.

Soft Wax

The soft wax method involves applying a layer of wax on the skin and then laying a piece of muslin on the wax. Light pressure is used to adhere the muslin to the wax before pulling it off. An esthetician will pull the muslin and the wax off the skin in one quick movement. The result is a section of skin without any excess hair.

A soft wax session is generally fast and will last between 8 and 10 minutes. The process is cleaner and removes hairs from the root which results in a longer lasting result. Soft wax is heated at a temperature that is lower than hot wax and is a great option for people with sensitive skin.

One aspect to keep in mind about any type of wax treatment is a trained professional will apply the wax and work quickly without removing any skin. The result is minimal pain for the customer. A waxing expert will be proficient with the use of any type of wax.